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Maggie's Top 10 List

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Hi! I'm Magnolia, but my mom calls me Maggie! I go to the art studio with my mom, Rebecca Watkins, almost everyday. Mom said I can blog about my studio days, too! So, I'd like to start with a list of my 10 Favorite Things at Bel Air Art Center.

10 - The cool concrete floors! I love napping on them and rolling in the magical glitter on the floors.

9 - The sink! The water from the art cleanup sink drains right into an open drain in the floor. I like to try to sneak a lick in, but my mom says licking paint water isn't safe. Mom is a Pawty Pooper!

8 - Mom's studio! It's a pretty little space full of her artwork and a really cute sitting area where her friends come to visit and sometimes they even rub my belly!

7 - The bathroom! Mom says I am not trustworthy alone in the studio, so I get to visit the human's potty space sometimes, too. The toilets are clean and the water is refreshing. Mom says no drinking from toilets, though...I told you she was a pawty pooper!

6 - The furniture! Miss Jan and Miss Marilynn from Red Oak Wood Shop make some really cool furniture from old wood. I love wood. It smells delicious!

5 - The pottery! Mom says I am not to be trusted around the pottery, but I would secretly like a pottery food bowl. I love food, and pottery.

4 - The artists! I like to visit the other artists during the day to see what they are working on. Sometimes they even stop painting to give me a kiss. I love kisses. Kisses are the best.

3 - The ART! There are always new paintings to look at. So many colors. Grey is my favorite color!

2 - Jessica and Emily! They always greet me with belly rubs when I come in to visit. They greet everyone with a big smile, but I must be very special because they don't give belly rubs to anyone else who visits. Of course, Mom says Ozborne Bingham gives a great back massage...I prefer a belly rub, though.

1 - My Mom! She lets me come with her almost every day and I love to watch her paint pawtraits. She gives me lots of belly rubs and treats when I am a good girl. She's sometimes a pawty pooper, but I love her the most.

Can I paint, too?

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