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Connecting the Right and Left Brain: Rebecca's Ramblings

Sometimes I just need to connect my right brain, creative side, with my left brain, analytical side...and thus, a new BLOG!

Do you ever need to mix things up? I do! Whether it's experimenting with new painting styles or new mediums, it's good to try new things. I also think maybe it's just my left brain (logical, structured, nerdy side) getting mad at my right brain (creative and artsy side) for having all sorts of fun and feeling neglected. So to connect the left brain with the right brain, I've decided to add a little blog to my website to share what is going on in my studio and connect my thoughts and art with collectors and lovers of my paintings...or at least with curious folks who just want to know what the heck I do all day! Check back soon for updates on projects I am working on and upcoming events and classes.

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